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At Custom Garages of Virginia we take pride in constructing exceptional buildings to our customers’ specifications and satisfaction.

We work closely with our customers to engineer structures that perfectly fulfill your design and functional needs. With our affordable prices, Custom Garages of Virginia will construct your perfect building.

More Than Just Construction… Allow Custom Garages of Virginia to build your next garage, shed, horse barn, stable or other residential building while you focus what is most important to you.

PROVIDING ENVIRONMENTALLY SOUND SOLUTION…Green construction, superior quality isn’t our only goal — bringing you environmentally sound constructions is just as important to us. We take the time to choose the best materials for the job – and being “green” is part of our definition of best! We strive to minimize the environmental impact of all our buildings.

Design: All material is ordered and manufactured to the exact sizes of the building blueprints and plans, allowing for very little excess waste. All excess packages, metal and wood are recycled at various facilities in our area.

So Why Choose Custom Garages of Virginia? Though Custom Garages of Virginia began as a storage shed company, high demand for larger buildings soon had us providing complete design and build service solutions to customers.

With years to perfect our project techniques, we’ve realized that the customer should be working with us side by side through each process.

That means we sit down to workout building design and layout drawings with you, and we’re ready to follow your ideas and instructions to create a building perfectly fitted to your needs. From trusses and framing to doors, siding and color you can be involved in every decision made. From small sheds to large scale municipal buildings, Custom Garages of Virginia can do it all.

So why choose Custom Garages of Virginia?

We’re Eco-friendly.

We offer competitive pricing and can help with financing.

We build to your specifications.

We don’t use cheap or discount materials – but still offer you the most competitive pricing in the industry.

We provide superior sale and customer service throughout the lifetime of your building.