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Designing and Choosing a Custom Garage

Having your garage fit your needs and taste is just as important to us as it is to you. So as you browse, keep in mind that the pictures on the web sites are merely examples of what can be done. They are custom designed to fit your size, style, color, layout and cosmetic needs. Maybe you know what you are needing. Great! You are at the right place! If you need assistance in the design of your garage, here is a step by step process to help decide what will work for you.

Step #1. What are my needs as far as size? Do I want to house one, two or three cars? How much room do I want left over after my car(s) are in my garage for shelves, work benches, etc? What ceiling height do I need? (This is usually dependent on the desired height of the garage doors.) Do I need one or two stories?? If I need a two story, is it just for storage or do I want a full height ceiling.

Step #2 What Style would I need? The A-frame is our most popular style since it matches the roof line of most houses. We can match the pitch to your current house. If you are going with the two stories we can do large or small A-dormers or we can do the full length Row Dormer to increase your storage space on the second level. We also have the barn(gambrel) style. This is the most cost efficient way to get a second story with full height ceilings. Click here to see our most popular styles.

Step #3 What Layout do I need? You can place your garage doors, walk-in doors, and windows wherever they would work best for your situation.

Step #4 What options do I need? Do I need all insulated doors and windows? What style of garage doors do I need? Do I need electric garage door openers? Shutters at windows or just trim? Window Flower Boxes?

Step #5 What type of siding and roof and what colors? Many people like to match their houses, but other factors may influence your choices as well, like HOA requirements or just your personal taste. Wood, Vinyl, HardiPlank, SmartLap, Cedar, Log, and Pine Board & Batten are some of the more popular siding types. We do have our standard colors, but can get what ever color you need to match your house or taste. The Architectural shingle is the most common type of roof. We also so the tuff rib or the standing seam meat roofs in a variety of colors.

Take a minute and browse through our pictures, then feel free to fill out the request a quote form and we will get back in touch with you quickly with some budgetary quotes and even some creative ideas for you. We look forward to assisting you through this exciting process! Click here to request a quote.

Most Common Asked Questions:

#1. Will Custom Garages of Virginia take care of building the foundation?
We are involved at what ever level you need us to be. Either we can give you a drawing of what the foundation needs to be and you can do it your self or we can easily take care of the foundation work for you to make it as stress free as possible for you.

#2 Who takes care of dealing with the county and obtaining the permits?
This also is up to you. We can either provide you with the drawings necessary to obtain the permits or we can provide the stress free service of dealing with the county for you. On an ordinary job the county requires a zoning permit which deals with the placement of the garage and a building permit with deals with making sure the structure meets code. Electrical and plumbing permits would also need to be pulled if planning on installing electric or plumbing. Currently CGOV does not offer plumbing and electrical services but will be happy to refer you to a reliable contractor to take care of this part.

#3 What if my land needs to be cleared?
This is also something that we can do prior to doing the foundation work.

#4 What is the time frame?
Generally, after a contract is signed it may take up to 3 weeks to obtain the engineered stamped drawings to obtain the county permits. Different counties are different as far as how long it takes to obtain the permits after you apply. It varies from 1 week to 5 weeks. After the building permit is obtained we can usually have your building built with in approx. 8-10 weeks. So the whole process could take 3-4 months from start to finish. This time frame is weather contingent.

#5 How do I go about planning, designing and learning the specifics about the garage I need?
This is where our on site consultant and custom project manager is offering to do a free on site consultation to assist in planning and educating you about how the whole process would work for you personally. He would meet with you at the site and help decide what you are needing and then he would create a proposal of what the project would cost. Click here to make an appointment.

#6 What about financing? Most times your local bank can give you the best rates available for a large job like this. We do offer some financing, but in most cases we could not cover the whole amount through our credit association. But feel free to ask what we have available at the time of our initial meeting.

Custom Garages Virginia

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At Custom Garages of Virginia, we pride ourselves on being a reliable team of builders who are passionate about eco-friendly practices and top-notch customer service. Our custom designs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and seamlessly blend in with their surroundings. Our pricing is competitive and we offer financing options, making it simple and affordable to bring your dream building to life using premium materials. Whether you’re seeking a garage, workshop, or storage space, our team can help you create the ideal solution that fits your requirements perfectly. Trust Custom Garages of Virginia to deliver exceptional results and turn your vision into reality.

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