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Modular and Prefab Garages in Virginia

  • Date: Mar 25, 2016
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A house costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and usually represents the biggest investment you will ever make. The good news is that houses usually increase in value. Two other large expenses vie for second place – your college education and your car. Your education will, hopefully, pay for itself over the years in the form of increased income. But your car’s value will depreciate. That’s why it’s important to preserve the value of your car by protecting it. Modular and prefab garages are an increasingly popular choice in Virginia for preserving vehicles.

Adding a Garage

We have hundreds of beautiful historic homes in Virginia, but many don’t have a garage. The reason often is that most people didn’t have cars when these vintage homes were built. If they did have a car, building a “house” for it was probably lowest on the homeowner’s priority list.

Many historic homes have stables and other outbuildings on the property which can be used as garages. But they’re rarely built with the care and quality given to house construction, and thus are not as dependable as they should be. That’s why many people choose modular or prefab garages in Virginia.

Matching Your Home’s Architecture

For most homeowners, the architecture of their home is a main concern when doing additions or renovations. This is why they seek out companies that can provide a variety of styles. Capitol Sheds offers many different architectural styles that will make your new garage blend in seamlessly with your home and other outbuildings. Common Virginian home styles include:

  • Vernacular
  • Federal
  • Greek Revival
  • Italianate
  • Folk Victorian
  • Queen Anne
  • American Foursquare
  • Bungalow
  • Colonial Revival

Our modular and prefab garages fit well with any of these architectural styles. You can customize the colors and style of the structure to make it blend seamlessly with your home.

Code Restrictions & Heritage Sites

Any time you renovate or add on to a house, you have to make sure you stay within codes. In addition, many historic homes are considered Heritage Sites. For these homes, any changes that are made must be within Heritage Site regulations and restrictions. If the new structure does not actually touch the house, there are typically fewer Heritage Site restrictions to style and materials. Most homeowners, however, prefer to choose a garage that matches the home.

The good news is that all of our buildings are constructed to comply with codes. This means that maximum heights, widths, and sizes are observed. Any building you purchase from us will be within state and local code restrictions. As long as the garage is less than 256 square feet, you don’t have to get a permit for placing it on your property.

Custom Work

Unless you purchase a prefab from our lot, each building is custom made. Our skilled Amish craftsmen build superb structures that are sturdy and beautiful. Each one, regardless of style, is produced for your specific needs.

The architectural style of your garage is only part of what you can customize. The colors, exterior finishes, door and window choices, and roof coverings can all be customized to fit your needs. You can have the same kind of siding put on your garage that you had put on your house. This makes it easy for you to create a garage that will blend well with your house and add value and visual unity to the structures on your property.
Siding choices are available in many styles, including:

  • Tongue-in-groove
  • Feathered edge
  • Cedar shake
  • Brick
  • Vinyl

How to Order Your Prefab

The prefab structures on our lot are for sale – come and visit our lot to see the garages we have available. You’ll love the variety you find, and you just might find the perfect garage for your home. Although you can order a building customized to your needs, construction and delivery will take several weeks. If you see a garage on our lot that you like, you can have it delivered to your home within one week!

If choose a building from our lot, but prefer a different color, we can paint it to the color of your liking after it’s set up on your property. This allows you to get your garage in a short amount of time, but also allows you to make it blend in with your house or other out buildings.

Add on Packages & Options

What is a garage without an electric garage door opener? An inconvenience, that’s what! Most of our customers choose to add on an electrical package. This means that we install electrical outlets, an overhead light, and a light switch. This turns your garage into a more useful space which you can use for almost anything. Many customers use their structure for a workshop, home office, guest house, and more.

If you need additional features added, just let us know. We want to make sure that you get the most out of your modular or prefab building, and enjoy it for years to come.


Most of the building process is done on our lot. This means you won’t have construction crews and tools off of your property for several weeks. In fact, you probably won’t see our workers until the delivery date!

Our subfloors are made with pressure treated lumber that is supposed to endure contact with the ground for 50 years.

If you have a level concrete slab poured for your garage, we can install it on the slab. Or, we can place in on any cleared spot on your property and level the structure up to 30 inches. Virginia building code requires all building to be anchored. If you want us to anchor your building, let us know.

The structures of our buildings are designed to withstand the torque and strain of being loaded, moved, and off-loaded at their new site. Our craftsmen take pride in their work, and you can be sure that you are receiving the top quality garages available in Virginia.

Come Choose Your New Garage!

Come visit us at Capitol Sheds, 49 Lake Saponi Drive, Barboursville, Virginia, 22923, and see your new garage we have waiting for you! Our lot inventory changes frequently, but we have the options you need to create the garage that works well for you.

Check out our catalog, too. You just may find your dream garage, just waiting for you to order and enjoy!



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