Comprehensive Site Evaluation


1. Comprehensive Guidance: This checklist provides a start-to-finish, step-by-step process for completing a garage project in your local area. It ensures that you don’t miss any crucial steps and helps you stay organized throughout the project.

2. Accurate Planning: The checklist includes a plat layout with the garage drawn in, indicating setbacks and utility locations. This allows you to visualize the project and plan accordingly, taking into account any limitations or requirements imposed by the site.

3. Customized Plans: The checklist offers custom garage plans that cater to your specific preferences and needs. These plans are accompanied by a detailed quote, giving you a clear understanding of the cost implications associated with your choices.

4. Identification of Private Utilities: The site survey checklist helps locate and mark all private utilities within 25 feet of the build site. This information is crucial for avoiding accidental damage to existing infrastructure during construction, ensuring safety, and minimizing potential disruptions.

5. Public Utilities Awareness: The checklist ensures that public utilities are marked and taken into consideration during the planning and construction process. This knowledge helps you navigate any restrictions or regulations associated with public utilities, guaranteeing compliance with local regulations.

6. On-Site Visit Support: The checklist includes an on-site visit, where a professional can answer your questions and take accurate measurements. This visit allows for direct interaction with a expert who can provide insights, address concerns, and offer advice based on the specific characteristics of your site.

Even if you choose not to ultimately purchase a garage from Custom Garages of Virginia, the site survey still provides significant benefits. Conducting the survey allows you the customer to gain valuable insights into your property’s suitability for a garage construction project.  Information about compliance with local building and zoning regulations, identifying any potential obstacles or limitations that may affect future development plans. This knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about your property and avoid potential legal issues or setbacks in the future.

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At Custom Garages of Virginia, we pride ourselves on being a reliable team of builders who are passionate about eco-friendly practices and top-notch customer service. Our custom designs are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and seamlessly blend in with their surroundings. Our pricing is competitive and we offer financing options, making it simple and affordable to bring your dream building to life using premium materials. Whether you’re seeking a garage, workshop, or storage space, our team can help you create the ideal solution that fits your requirements perfectly. Trust Custom Garages of Virginia to deliver exceptional results and turn your vision into reality.

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